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Changing a service code for a past session

If you need to modify a service code for a past appointment, you can do so from the Calendar or from the client's Billing page. Below are the steps to updating a service code from each location: 


  • Click the appointment on the Calendar
  • Click any attached invoice or superbill to open them and then delete them


  • Select a new service code from the dropdown
  • Update the appointment fee as necessary


Client Billing page

  • Navigate to the client's Billing page and delete any invoices and superbills associated with the appointment you want to edit 
  • Hover your cursor over the appointment and click the Edit button that appears 
  • Select the service code from the dropdown 
  • Update the appointment fee as necessary
  • Click Save


Note: See Appointment level billing changes to learn more about making changes to individual appointments from a client's Billing page. 


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