Client Portal access for a parent or guardian

For new minor clients

It's easy to grant Client Portal access to a parent or guardian. When you are creating a new client, just select the Client is a minor checkbox to enter guardian information. This will send a Client Portal invite to the parent or guardian so they can fill out the client intake form. 

For existing minor clients

If you have an existing minor client whose parent or guardian doesn't have portal access, it's easy to do.

  • Navigate to the client's Overview page and click Edit Details
  • You'll need to enter the guardian's email address in two locations
    • First enter the guardian's email address in the Client info tab
    • Then go to the Contacts tab to add the parent as a guardian along with their email address
  • Then go to the Communication tab.
  • Make sure the guardian's email is selected in the drop down menu and then click Send Client Portal Invitation. This will send an invite for the parent or guardian to access the Client Portal.

Sending client intake forms to a guardian of an existing client

Once you have followed the steps above, you can then go back to the client's Overview page and click Share New in the Shared with Client section in the right navigation panel. This will allow you to select which forms and documents you need to send to the client's guardian.


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