Using spell-check in SimplePractice

Spell Check is a common feature built into a most web browsers. It works by automatically pointing out incorrect spelling in text fields that you use to enter information. Since Spell Check is part of your web browser, it's functionality is dependent on how your browser works, not SimplePractice.

We recently added functionality in SimplePractice so you can add text formatting, a lot like you would in a program like TextEdit or WordPad. This way you can make text bold or italic and add bulleted lists. Because of how our text editor works, some browsers like Safari don't work perfectly with our text editor and sometimes miss spelling mistakes.

My Spell Check isn't working!

Don't worry! We have two solutions that will work for you!

  • Switch to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your main browser. These are the best browsers to use with SimplePractice and the ones we recommend most and their Spell Check works with SimplePractice's text editor.
  • If you really love Safari or another browser you use, we can turn off the text editor for you. This means you won't be able to format text, but your browser's Spell Check functionality will work better.

If you'd like to turn off the text editor, click here to let us know that you'd like to turn off the text editor.

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