How do Team Member Roles work?


Note: Only the Account Owner has access to edit or add team members to an account.

Whether you're a solo-practitioner or have a group practice, you might have multiple people working with you that need access to specific client information. We've created Team Member Roles with different access levels, so you can ensure that your Team Members only have access to the information necessary to do their jobs.


Team Member Roles allow access to certain client information for each team member. For example, a Clinician will have different access from a Scheduler. A Clinician needs to see their own client's info, but not necessarily full practice client lists. A Scheduler will need to see all clients, but doesn't necessarily need access to progress notes and documentation. 

Learn more about how to Add A Team Member here: Adding a Team Member

What does each Team Member have access to?

Clinician Roles

You have full control over which information other clinicians in your practice can see, and which settings they are able to access. 

Learn more about the various access levels for each type of Clinician Role here: Team Members: Clinician Access Levels

Supervisor Role

Can sign notes and review documentation for pre-licensed clinicians. If this Team Member also sees clients, you'll want to grant them a Clinician role as well.

Biller Role

This team member can manage billing for all clients and access most practice financial reports.

Scheduler Role

This team member can manage scheduling and online booking* for all clients.

Note: a Clinician with Administrator Access will have to set up the Client Portal and Online Booking preferences before a scheduler can help manage availability. See this article for details: Getting started with online booking

Learn more detailed info about access for Supervisors, Billers and Schedulers here: Team Members: Schedulers, Billers, and Supervisors 


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