How SimplePractice keeps your account secure


At SimplePractice, we take security very seriously. In order to help you keep your account and client information safe, we take a few precautions.


Account Email Confirmation

When you first sign up for SimplePractice, we send you a confirmation email that you will need to confirm by clicking on the link inside the email. We do this to verify you are using the correct email address and that only you will be receiving account communication.


Two-Step Authentication for Password Rest and Username Recovery

If you forget your password or username, we require two step authentication as an added layer of security verification. This means that we want to make sure you are the one requesting a password reset or trying to recover your username, not someone else.

Complete Security

SimplePractice is HIPAA compliant. We only transmit information to you securely with multiple layers of encryption. Additionally we ensure your passwords are encrypted to make sure only you have access to your password. Our servers are housed in a secure facility and we continuously monitor and test our systems.

To learn more details about how SimplePractice keeps your data safe and secure, click here.

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