Scheduling availability on the half-hour


You might like your sessions to be offered on the half hour every hour for Online Booking. This means you might want to start your day at 9:30am and have sessions available at 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am and so on.

You can also use these steps to make your availability show available sessions every 1.5 hours or whatever custom time you need.

First set your availability to start on a half hour and make sure the service codes you want to use are selected. Click here to learn how to set availability. 

Then here's what you'll need to do:

1. Click on My Account then click on Settings.

2. Click on the Client Portal Settings Page. Make sure your Online booking is set to Book Appointments According to Service Duration. Don't forget to click Save.

3. Next we want to make sure the session duration works for this setup. In the sidebar, click on Billing and Services. Then click on Services.

4. Click on the service you want to offer for this special kind of schedule. You can repeat these steps if you have more than one code like this.

5. If the session duration is already 60 minutes then you won't need to do much. However, if the session is 50 minute, you will want to add extra time but you don't want it to affect the billable duration. Just set time to block off 10 minutes like in the example below. Then click Save.

You can customize these buffer times if you would like your sessions to be available every 1.5 hours or custom times.

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