First time claim filing checklist


First Time Checklist

The first time you create a CMS claim form for a client, you’ll want to make sure you’ve entered the required data. Here are the three things to make sure you’re getting it right:

1. Make sure you’ve filled out your practice information in your Practice Settings (name, address, license information, etc...). Required fields are your NPI number, office address, phone number, and tax number.

2. Make sure your client's demographic and insurance information is set correctly. Most times this is done during the intake process. To check on this, click on edit client info. Required fields are the client's insurance insurance company, insurance Member ID, gender, birthday, phone number, and address. For more information about selecting your client's insurance company from the drop down list, check out this article: Selecting the right insurance provider and payer for your client.

3. Make sure that you’ve entered a Primary Diagnosis for the client as well as set the appropriate CPT/Billing codes and rates for the client appointments. Click here to learn how to create a diagnosis.

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