Setting up AutoPay for your practice

If you have already set up Stripe for your account, you can now set up AutoPay. Here's how:

1. Go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services.

2. Scroll down to the AutoPay section.

4. Select the checkbox next to AutoPay Enabled in your Billing settings, as shown below.

5. Click Save

Note: If you haven't set up Stripe, you'll be prompted to set up Stripe when you try to enable AutoPay. For more info about Stripe and setting up your account, click here.

FYI: By default, once you select AutoPay Enabled, all of your clients that have credit cards saved will be selected to be enrolled in AutoPay. Make sure to deselect the clients that you might not want to enroll before clicking Save (i.e., clients with high balances, clients that have special billing needs, etc).

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