Adding cash, check, or non-Stripe credit card payments on the mobile app

Adding payments on the iPhone or Android app of SimplePractice is simple. You have the ability to view the overall balance for the client and add a payment using cash, check, credit card.

Note: This guide goes over adding cash, check or non-Stripe client payments. You can also charge client credit cards via Stripe. If you have Stripe connected, you can learn more here: Charging, refunding, and setting up AutoPay for clients with your Stripe account

Tip: If you haven't connected Stripe and would like to learn, navigate here: Client payments: Card processing in SimplePractice.

From the app home screen, you can choose to add a payment from one of two locations.

To make a payment from the client session: 

  1. Tap on any client session from the calendar home page in the app
  2. Tap on the green "Pay" button to go to the Add Payment page

To make a payment from the client profile page:

  1. Tap on Clients at the bottom of the app (for iPhone) or the top of the app (for Android) and then tap on the client's name
  2. Tap on "Payments" to go to the add payment page and tap on the + symbol in the lower right corner

3. Select the Payment Amount. You will have a choice between "Balance + Uninvoiced Session" and "Other." If you would like to add a general payment amount, tap on "Other" to add the payment amount.

4. Select the Payment Method (Cash, Check, Credit Card)

5. Tap the red Make Payment button.


Making a payment from the client's session


Making a payment from the client's profile

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