Adding Stripe Credit Card Payments on the Mobile App


How to Add Stripe credit card payments using your iPhone or Android App

From the app home screen, you can choose to add a Stripe credit card payment from one of two locations. We've included the steps (for both) and a video walk through (for iPhone) below!

To make a payment from the client's session: 

  1. Tap on any client session from the calendar home page in the app
  2. Tap on the green "Pay" button to go to the Add Payment page

To make a payment from the client's profile page:

  1. Tap on Clients at the bottom of the app (for iPhone) or top of the app (for Android) and then tap on the client's name
  2. Tap on "Payments" to go to the Add Payment page and tap on the + symbol in the lower right corner

3. Select the Payment Amount. You will have a choice between "Balance + Uninvoiced Session" and "Other." If you would like to add a general payment amount, tap on "Other" to add the payment amount.

4. Select the Payment Method (Stripe)

5. If you select Stripe and your client does not yet have a credit card on file, you will be prompted to Add Card. You can add a credit card by typing in the number, or by using our "SCAN" feature. To scan, simply place the credit card in the view finder until the card number is captured.  Enter the CVV code as directed.

6. Now that you have selected the payment method and amount, tap on "Make Payment"

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