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Team members: Removing a Clinician and changing their permissions

Note: Only the Account Owner has the access level to be able to add or edit team members.

Once a team member is added as a Clinician, you can't remove the Clinician role from them. You can, however, change their Access Level. Learn how to Change a Clinician's Access Level here

To remove the Clinician role, you'll need to completely delete the team member from the system, and then add them back in as a Biller, Scheduler, or SupervisorHere's how:

  • Go to My Account > Settings > Team Members and click the team member's name.
  • Click Delete.
  • Type in the first and last name of the team member's name.Permanently deleting a clinician in SimplePractice
  • Click Permanently Delete Clinician. If the button is still greyed out and not a bright red, this means the name was not entered correctly.
  • If needed, you can then add them back as a Biller, Scheduler, or Supervisor.


  • When I remove a clinician, what happens to their assigned clients?
    • When a clinician is removed, the Account Owner will receive a prompt to reassign the clients to another clinician.
  • What all happens when I remove a clinician?
    • The removed clinician will not be able to log in to your account
    • The removed clinician will be removed from your billing subscription
    • The removed clinician's documentation and activity will be retained for record-keeping
    • The removed clinician can re-join your account in the future, but they will need to be set up as a new Clinician

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