Creating a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan



It's easy to create a Diagnosis & Treatment Plan in SimplePractice. We'll walk you through the simple steps just below.


1. Click on Clients and choose your client.

2. You'll be taken to the Client Overview page. Click on the blue +Create button.

3. Click on Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

4. You can click on the drop down next to Diagnosis to select a diagnosis. This field is searchable.

  • You can add multiple diagnoses for your client. Just click on the "+" sign to the right of the diagnosis code dropdown.

5. Click on  Save Diagnosis

You can stop here to just create the diagnosis for your client. You can always add a treatment plan later. See the next steps below to create a treatment plan.


6. Once you've saved the diagnosis, you can now create a treatment plan. Click on the Basic or Advanced button to create a treatment plan.

We just launched a new Advanced treatment plan that includes a guided template and will soon allow for the ability to integrate with Wiley treatment planning content. Click here to view the steps for Advanced Treatment Plans

7. Enter in the treatment plan information.

8. Click on Save.

The date will default to the current time.  If you want to have this diagnosis show up on Superbills and previous notes, you can backdate the diagnosis & treatment plan.  



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