Printing the CMS form


1. To print or download the claim form to file it outside of SimplePractice, click the Download button at the top of the CMS 1500 claim page.

2. A modal will pop up giving you two options:

Download with form background will generate the fully filled out, red CMS 1500 form as a PDF.

Download with form fields only will download only the data fields so you can print them out onto your own pre-printed CMS 1500 form. You can print it on your own blank CMS.

When printing out either form, make sure the printer does not scale the page or add margins. If you print from Adobe Acrobat, these defaults should be set automatically.

Printing tips

When printing out the full claim form with the red background, make sure your red ink cartridge is full and the red background prints without any streaks or faded color.

When printing the data directly to a pre-printed claim form, we recommend adding the pre-printed claim form to your printer's main paper tray and not trying to print the form from an auxiliary paper tray.

Remember that each printer is different so if your data fields don't print perfectly to the pre-printed claim form, you may have to tinker with the way you load the pre-printed forms in the paper tray and try the process again.

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