My client only owes the copay, not the full fee (Billing Type Set Incorrectly)

If you’re wondering why the client is being charged for the full session amount but should have a copay instead, an incorrectly set Billing Type is usually the culprit. There will be three parts to resolving this billing mistake (fixing past sessions and updating future sessions), but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it so you don’t run into this problem again.

Before we start fixing past, we want to set the client’s Billing Type now.

  1. Click on edit client info next to the client’s name on their overview page.
  2. Click on the Billing and Insurance tab.
  3. For the Billing Type, click on the dropdown and select Insurance.
  4. Now you’ll add the client’s insurance information if you haven’t done so already. Also make sure to set the copay. Don’t forget to click on Save at the bottom of the page.


If you have questions about what to do if you client has a deductible, click here. 

To fix past sessions: We’ll want to fix these past sessions, so they reflect what the client owes (their copay) and what you are going to bill to insurance.

  1. Head to the client’s billing page by clicking on the client’s name, then click on the Billing tab.
  2. Look for the sessions that are incorrectly set up (they will show the full fee for the client).
  3. If you already created or you have invoices set to auto-generate, just delete the invoice for the cancelled session. Click on the invoice to open the invoice, then click on the red Delete button.
  4. Next, hover over the session in question. An Edit link will appear under the session fee. Click on Edit.
  5. Click on the dropdown that appears and select Insurance pays me, then set the copay correctly.
  6. Click on Save.
  7. Repeat this process for any past sessions that weren’t set up correctly.




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