My client only owes the copay, not the full fee (Billing Type set incorrectly)

If you have a client that's being charged for their full appointment fee instead of their copay, it may be because of an incorrectly set Billing Type. You can follow these steps to resolve this: 

Setting the client's billing type correctly

These steps will make sure that the client's future appointments are billed correctly. 

  • Go to the client's Overview page > Edit > Billing and Insurance 
  • Select Insurance as the Billing Type
  • Navigate to the Insurance Information section and enter the client's copay amount in the Copay/Coinsurance field 
  • Click Save Client at the bottom of the page 

Note: See How do I bill clients who haven't met their deductible? to learn how to correctly bill clients with a deductible. 

Editing the Billing Type and copay for past appointments

Follow these steps to edit the client's past appointments. 

  • Go to the client's Overview page > Billing
  • Locate the appointment(s) that were billed incorrectly 
    • These appointments will display a full fee
  • Delete the associated invoice for these appointments
  • Hover your cursor over the appointment and click the Edit button that appears 
  • Select Insurance from the Type dropdown and enter the client's copay amount in the Client owes field 
  • Click Save 
  • Create a new invoice for the appointment
  • Repeat these steps for each appointment that needs to be updated

Note: See Appointment level billing changes for more details on making billing adjustments to past appointments. 

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