Clearinghouse Reference Number vs. Payer Control Number

Claims are assigned different reference IDs to be identified by different parties.

Clearinghouse Reference Number: This is the unique ID assigned to each claim by our Clearinghouse. This is the number you should use when you reach out to our support team for help with a specific claim. If you reach out to a payer and give them this number, chances are they won't be able to locate the claim because that number is not in their system. 

Payer Control Number: This is the unique reference ID assigned to each claim by the insurance payer you submitted the claim to. If you ever need to reach out to the payer about a specific claim, this is the number you should use. A payer will assign this number to a claim once they've accepted the claim into their adjudication system where they will decide whether they'll be paying for that claim or not. 


Important: Some payers never send us Payer Control Numbers for claims. That doesn't mean that the claims aren't making it to their system, it just means that the payer doesn't support that service through our clearinghouse.


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