Where's my Data Export password?

Why is my Data Export asking for a password?

When you request a Data Export from SimplePractice, the export will be protected and encrypted with a secure password. If you do not want to password protect your data when exporting, unselect the checkbox next to Password protected file before clicking on Generate Export. We do not recommend disabling this feature.

Where's the password? My account password doesn't work for the export.

This password is system generated and is not your account password. The system generated password will display in the Recent Exports list. You can click on the button next to the password to copy the password so you can paste it into the password field when you open your export.

If you did not record the password and your export is not displaying in the Recent Exports List, you will need to export your data again.

We can't retrieve old passwords for your export if you forgot the password.You will need to generate a new export.


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