My client canceled and I don't want to charge them

Do you have a session where the client canceled in advance? Most clinicians don’t charge if the client canceled well enough in advance. In this case, the session shouldn’t be invoiced. If you forgot to set the session status to canceled, the client would still be invoiced for this session. This is easy to fix! 

  1. Head to the client’s billing page by clicking on the client’s name, then click on the Billing tab.
  2. If you already created or you have invoices set to auto-generate, just delete the invoice for the canceled session. Click on the invoice to open the invoice, then click on the red Delete button.
  3. Then head to the calendar and click on the session. This will open the calendar flyout for the session.
  4. In the top left corner of the flyout, click on the Status drop-down, then select Cancelled (No Show and Late Cancelled will still charge the client the full fee. Only use these statuses if you plan to charge the client).
  5. Now the session won’t need to be invoiced, but you still have a record of whether or not the client was scheduled.
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