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My client's payments are correct, but they still have a balance or credit

This usually happens if you aren’t invoicing sessions (results in a credit) or if you haven’t added payments or incorrectly set the client’s fee. (results in a balance).




If you add payments and the sessions aren’t invoiced, the client doesn’t owe the money so the balance will be a credit. You’ll notice that you have an Uninvoiced Amount just below the Client’s Balance in the At-A-Glance section. This represents all the session fees that you haven’t invoiced “or charged” in the system.


Click on Uninvoiced to create an invoice with all sessions on the invoice. Now your client’s balance should be zeroed out.



If you created invoices, but forgot to add a payment or forgot to change the session fee before invoicing, your client will retain a balance. You’ll want to add any payments that you forgot to record, or fix the session fees. Once you do this, your client’s balance should be zeroed out.

If the balance isn’t zeroed out, this might be because you edited the session fee and have multiple or incorrectly invoiced sessions and you might have deleted some of them. You might notice that there is an uninvoiced amount in this case. Click here for the steps to resolve the billing issue.

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