How do I file claims to the payer id FCH &Affiliates?


The payer id "FCH &Affiliates" is used for Value Options and Beacon Options Health. You can find this payer in SimplePractice but in our system it is under the payer id: 00813.

You will need to file an enrollment for payer id 00813 in order for you to be able to file claims electronically via SimplePractice. Payers can use different payer ID's depending on the clearinghouse they're working with. That's the case with this payer and that's why they're not under FCH &Affiliates in SimplePractice.

This payer requires for you to file an enrollment in order for you to be able to file claims to them electronically via SimplePractice. Keep in mind that enrollments can take anywhere between 1-8 weeks to be accepted by the payers. We recommend that you continue to file claims outside of SimplePractice to this payer until your enrollment is accepted so that you don't experience an interruption to your cashflow.

In order for you to file your enrollment with payer 00813, they require for you to enter your Value Options ID. If you don't have your VOID handy, reach out to the payer directly so they can assign one to you. They will not accept your enrollment unless you include that number in your application.

In case you need help submitting your enrollment, CLICK HERE.


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