How do I submit a corrected claim?

Sometimes an insurance payer will require that you re-submit a claim with corrections when the it has been rejected or denied. This can easily be done by following these steps:

  1. From your Calendar homepage go to Billing > Insurance > Claims tab.
  2. Open the claim that needs to be corrected and resubmitted.
  3. Click Edit to Resubmit.
  4. Next click Edit & Resubmit New Claim when this option appears.
  5. You can now edit the claim and make the necessary corrections.
  6. Next, scroll down to box 22 and make sure that the Resubmission option is checked.

  7. Finally, you’ll input the Payer Control Number in the Original Ref. No. field. The Payer Control Number is assigned directly by the Insurance Payer. This number will auto-populate to this field if a Payer Control Number has been received by SimplePractice. If a Payer Control Number has not been received, please input the original claim number that can be found on the EOB you received from the payer.

Note: The Payer Control Number can be found by clicking Payment Overview. For additional information please refer to this article: Payer Claim # vs. Clearinghouse Reference #.

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