How do I make sure my claims include both my individual and group NPI?


To ensure that both your personal and your group NPIs are populating in your claims, make sure you have entered your NPIs in your settings following these steps:

1. Go to My Account > Settings > Basic Info > Clinical Info > enter your personal NPI there (every clinician in your account will need to take this step).



2. Go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > enter your Organization NPI here. Also in this section, make sure you've entered the Tax ID that is associated with that Group NPI. If your group NPI is associated with an EIN, make sure you enter the EIN in this format XX-XXXXXXX. 




3- Go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Insurance > Organization option is selected and that the address in box 33 is the billing address the payer has on file for your group/organization.


Once you've made these changes, every claim you create will include the NPIs for your clinicians in box 24j as the individual who rendered the services. Also, the group's information will be in box 33 as the billing entity. 


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