How do I remove sessions from the Unbilled Appointments list?

To see all appointments that are prepared to be submitted to insurance, go to Billing>Insurance from you SimplePractice home page. 

The sessions that are showing up in your "Unbilled Appointments" list are sessions that are set with the Billing Type "Insurance Pays". If you have already have been paid these sessions, or don't plan to submit them within SimplePractice, you need to take a few steps to remove them from this list.

One of the ways you can let the system know that these sessions have already been billed for, is by adding them to a claim form. You don't need to submit this new claim you create for these sessions, all you need to do is create it and Download it. This way, our system will understand that these sessions have already been billed and will be removed from the Unbilled Sessions list.

The best way to create these claims is to go to each one of these client's Billing page and select the date range that will include those sessions. Then, create the claim from there and Save it. Once you do this, you will see that the sessions in the Unbilled Sessions list will be gone and that will prevent you from accidentally adding these, already billed sessions, to any claims you're going to be filing.

The other option is to change the individual session to a self-pay session.  This change can be made directly from your calendar or from the client's individual billing settings. 

Please note: When you change a client's overall billing settings from Insurance to Self-Pay, it only impacts future sessions.  Previous sessions will need to be changed to self-pay individually.  

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