Updating a client's email address for client portal access

If you would like to change a client's email address for their client portal access, it's easy to do!  Remember, a client's email address is their "login" when it comes to accessing your Client Portal. 

To see what email address is currently being used for this client's portal, go to Client Profile > Edit Client Info and click the Communication Tab.

These are the steps to follow if you want to update the email address for a client who has already logged into their portal successfully: 

1) Go to Clients > Client Name > Edit Client Info.  
You can make any changes, either by updating the current email address or adding a new email address.

Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page!

3) Now Click over to the Communication Tab. 

If your client has already logged in successfully using an email address and you just want to update or change the address that they use for portal access, follow these steps: 

4) Click "Edit email address."

5) Select the correct or current email address.  Click Update Email.  

The email address showing in the window will be the email address a client uses to log in to the portal.  If your client has already been accessing the portal, they do not need to change their password.  They can simply start using this new email address for their login email. 

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