Creating an advanced treatment plan

  1. Click on the diagnosis drop-down.
  2. Select a diagnosis. You can also change the date and time of the diagnosis.
  3. Click Save Diagnosis so that you can create a treatment plan.
  4. You can choose to create a Basic or Advanced Treatment plan. Or you can skip this and create one later.
  5. Next you will be walked through the Advanced Treatment Plan structure.
  6. First you’ll enter presenting problems in the Presenting Problem text field.
  7. Next you can add Behavioral Definitions. You can add multiple Behavioral Definitions by clicking on the + sign.
  8. Next you can add goals, then objectives, then interventions. You can always add multiples by clicking on the + sign.
  9. Once you have completed all of the text fields for the Treatment Plan, click Overview. Here you can review the Treatment Plan then set the Treatment Frequency.
  10. Again you’ll have the option to edit the date and time for the Treatment Plan.
  11. If you ever want to go back to change something, you can click on Edit to edit the Treatment Plan.
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