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Transitioning from Luminello to SimplePractice

Transitioning from Luminello to SimplePractice

Luminello and SimplePractice are teaming up to provide the best possible experience for clinicians and clients with access to new features, a robust Help Center, and a world class Customer Success team. 

Soon, you’ll see the option to agree to transfer your data in your Luminello account. 

  • Starting February 14, 2024, solo Account Owners can opt into the transfer to SimplePractice, while group Account Owners can opt in starting in April.
  • As soon as you agree, you’ll get access to your new SimplePractice account where you can explore the features we offer.
    • This account will have limited access to certain features that will be transferred to your SimplePractice account, to avoid the creation of duplicate information. For a full walkthrough of what you can and can’t do in this account, see Before you transfer.
  • You’ll later be notified of your future transfer date via your Luminello account and email.
    • Until this date, you can continue exploring your SimplePractice account and prepare for your transfer.
  • During the transfer, we’ll securely transfer your data from Luminello to SimplePractice.
  • After your data has been transferred, you’ll be able to seamlessly get your practice up and running in SimplePractice. 

We’re excited to welcome you to the SimplePractice community, and are here to help every step of the way with our multiple ways to get support. You’ll also have the option to schedule a 1:1 onboarding call once your data has transferred to make sure you’re set up for success. 

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Important: You'll be granted access to your SimplePractice account after you agree to transfer. For information on SimplePractice features, see our section on Exploring SimplePractice below. To skip straight to our steps on transferring your data, see Timeline for transferring to SimplePractice.

Timeline for transferring to SimplePractice

On February 12, 2024, you received an email and a banner in your Luminello account letting you know that Luminello and SimplePractice are teaming up to better serve clinicians like you. You can click the link in the email you received or the banner in your Luminello account to learn more about what this transfer will mean for you. 


Starting February 14, 2024, solo Account Owners can opt into the transfer to SimplePractice. Group Account Owners can opt in starting in April. You’ll be notified of your future transfer date via your Luminello account and email.

If you’d like to learn more about the transfer before agreeing, see Transferring from Luminello to SimplePractice.

To agree to transfer, navigate to your Luminello account and select Get Started to access the SimplePractice Transfer tab.


Tip: To see what data will and won't transfer, see Data transfer details.

After your data transfers, you’ll be given the option to export your data from Luminello. We strongly recommend you do this, because your Luminello account will be deleted 30 days after your account transfer is complete. 

After you’ve exported your data, messaging transcripts, past invoices, and completed documentation can be uploaded to clients’ profiles in SimplePractice for secure storage. If you have other documentation for your practice that you’d like to store that isn't related to one specific client, you can upload it to your business files. Any custom templates can be recreated in SimplePractice, or you can upload them as downloadable PDFs. Detailed practice and clinician settings can be adjusted once your account transfers.

While working through the process of transferring to SimplePractice, you can use the information below to make sure you’re able to successfully complete the tasks related to transferring at the appropriate time. 

Important: To avoid disruption with your data transferring, please follow the steps below in accordance with which transfer stage you’re at. 

Before you transfer

  • You’ll need to agree to transfer your data 
  • To do this, navigate to your Luminello account and select the SimplePractice Transfer tab


Preparing for your transfer  

  • You can post a portal message to your clients in Luminello so they’re aware that you’re moving to SimplePractice
    • We recommend that you let them know to keep an eye out for an email invitation to SimplePractice, and to download all necessary billing statements 
  • Update your voicemail and email out-of-office reply if needed, to inform clients of upcoming changes
  • Set up your Online Payments account in SimplePractice, so you can begin charging clients as soon as your data transfers
  • Enroll with your insurance payers in SimplePractice, to make sure you can file claims and receive Payment Reports
  • Create custom forms and consent documents in your account
  • If your medical or DEA license is expiring before your transfer date, update your license in SimplePractice at Settings > Profile > Clinical Info
  • Create invoices in Luminello for any clients with balances, so you can refer to these in SimplePractice when your client data transfers, as balances will transfer but past appointments and services won’t
  • Set up your Client Portal
    • You’ll be able to invite clients to the Client Portal after your data transfers
  • Enable calendar sync
  • Explore your new SimplePractice account

Important: While preparing to transfer, don’t create upcoming appointments or add existing clients in SimplePractice as this information will be transferred for you. Once you have a transfer date assigned, we recommend blocking off time in your calendar to review your account and schedule upcoming appointments as needed. 

During the transfer

Your data will be transferred overnight on the day indicated on your SimplePractice Transfer page in Luminello. You’ll also receive an email with this information. 

After the transfer 

When your transfer is complete, this is the first page you’ll see when you arrive in your SimplePractice account. 


We recommend getting familiar with your SimplePractice account. As a reminder, your Luminello account will be in read-only mode at this point, and it will be deleted 30 days after your transfer date. 

Within 30 days after transfer

  • Export your Luminello data for your records
  • Keep your Apex account until your enrollments are accepted in SimplePractice

Support and resources

We provide a robust Help Center full of guides and videos to help you best navigate your SimplePractice account. You can also click the ? icon in the lower right corner of your SimplePractice account and select Ask questions to review relevant guides from within your account or submit a question.  


For information on our support options, see How can I get help from your team?

Note: After your data transfers, you’ll also have the option to schedule a 1:1 onboarding call with a specialist to learn more about how to use your new SimplePractice account.

Tip: You can also review our on-demand classes and tutorials, as well as sign up for live demos. To learn more about our video offerings, see On-demand Classes and Q&As.

Exploring SimplePractice

SimplePractice offers many tools to run your business successfully, and provides Luminello customers with new features to better serve clinicians and clients alike. Use this section to learn about our features, and when you’re ready see Timeline for transferring to SimplePractice above to get started with your transfer. 

Note: Certain features listed below will not be available in your account until after your data transfers. This is to avoid the creation of duplicate information in your new SimplePractice account.

We’ll cover the following features below:

Providing care


All ePrescribe enrollment information and your clients’ existing medications will carry over into SimplePractice via the data transfer. Existing active and inactive medications will appear on the client’s profile in the Medications tab. 

Note: Eprescribe won’t be available until after your data transfer is complete. 



SimplePractice offers a fully integrated Telehealth feature, providing a seamless experience for both team members and clients. Using Telehealth by SimplePractice, video calls can be initiated straight from the calendar, without any need to log into a 3rd party service. 

Note: We also offer the Telehealth by SimplePractice mobile app. For more information, see Using Telehealth on a mobile device.


SimplePractice offers a full client billing experience, including creating invoices and adding payments, allowing clients to pay their balance through the Client Portal, and AutoPay. For more information, see Getting started with client billing

Secure Messaging

While Luminello offered an email-style messaging service, in SimplePractice team members can message each other and their clients through a HIPAA-compliant instant messaging feature. 

The transcripts for these messages can be seen by other members of a group practice, and are saved to a client’s file. For more information on Secure Messaging, see Getting started with Secure Messaging.

Mobile apps

The SimplePractice Mobile App allows you to use your smartphone for scheduling, note-taking, messaging, and billing. For more information on the mobile app, see Getting started with the SimplePractice mobile app.

With the SimplePractice Client Portal mobile app, your clients can access their secure Client Portal from their iPhone or Android. To learn more, see The SimplePractice Client Portal mobile app

Note: Both clients and clinicians are able to complete and share documentation through the mobile app. 

Client Portal

SimplePractice offers a secure Client Portal, where your clients can manage their appointments, complete paperwork, make payments, and send and receive HIPAA-compliant messages. For more information, see Setting up the Client Portal.

Note: For details on how to share documentation with clients through the Client Portal, see Sending intake documents to clients for transitioning Luminello customers.

Custom form builder

In SimplePractice, you can create fully customized form templates, or use our premade templates in the Template Library. These can be used for progress notes, assessments, intake forms, consent documents, and more. This includes long answers, short answers, drop down selectors, and multiple choice question types. For more information on creating custom templates, see Creating customized templates for transitioning Luminello customers.

Measurement based care

With our integrated measurement-based care tools, you can automatically schedule scored measures and review clients’ scores graphed over time. For more information, see Getting started with measurement-based care.

Treatment plans

You can create custom treatment plans right within your account, or use the full integrated Wiley Treatment Planner. For more information on treatment plans, see Diagnoses and treatment plans.


While eLabs aren’t available in SimplePractice, lab slips will be available in late 2024.

Couple and minor clients

Enhanced client management for couples gives you the ability to add clients to a couple profile, while also retaining individual profiles for each person in the couple. For more information on managing couples in SimplePractice, see Enhanced Client Management for couples.

Enhanced client management for minors allows you to mark clients as minors, add contacts to those profiles, and seamlessly manage communications and billing with third parties. For more information on managing minors, see Enhanced Client Management for minors.

Managing your practice


Coming soon, you’ll be able to save commonly used text or phrases as snippets to save time while writing client notes. In SimplePractice, you’ll be able to use custom snippets to stock frequently used text or phrases, and easily add them to a client’s file as an administrative note, chart note, progress note, or psychotherapy note.

Client waitlist

If your practice isn’t currently accepting new clients, you can add them to the waitlist. Using the client waitlist, you can view and manage prospective clients who are waiting to schedule an appointment with you or another clinician within your practice. For more information on using the waitlist, see Managing the client waitlist.


SimplePractice offers automated and custom practice reminders to keep track of important tasks, client birthdays, and more. For information, see Using practice reminders.

Online appointment requests

Clients can book appointments online directly through the Client Portal, if granted access. Availability can be preset per clinician, to make sure the proper hours, services, and locations are made available online. For more information, see Enabling online appointment requests.


Prospective clients who request appointments through Monarch can complete a prescreener, so you can learn more about them, including their reason for visit and mental health history. While there’s currently no way to customize the prescreener, additional fields will be available soon. For more information, see How can I learn more about prospective clients who request appointments via Monarch?

Marketing your practice

If you’re a supported specialty you can choose to list your profile on the Monarch Directory to help grow your practice.

You can also use our integrated website builder to create a website that’s easy for your clients to navigate, and can be managed directly from your SimplePractice account. For more details, see Setting up your Professional Website.

Customers on the Plus plan can also add an appointment request widget to their third party website. For more information, see Adding the Appointment-request Widget to your website.

Roles and permissions

Team members' roles and permissions are set up to allow members of a practice the appropriate level of access to client documentation, scheduling, billing, and more. Some permissions can be customized, or multiple roles granted as needed. For more information, see Team member roles and access levels.

Group calendar

You can access both your calendar and your group’s calendar in a single view, using filters based on clinician and location. To learn more about how your calendar will transfer from Luminello to SimplePractice, see What happens to my calendar when I transfer? below.

Note: For more information, see Using your calendar in a group practice.

Color coded calendar

Custom appointment color coding on the SimplePractice calendar is coming soon.

Calendar sync

If you use iCal, you can set up a 1-way sync that allows you to view your SImplePractice appointments on an external calendar. 

If you prefer to use Google Calendar, you can establish a 2-way sync that allows you to see SimplePractice appointments on your Google Calendar, and manage them directly from Google. The changes you make on your Google Calendar to SimplePractice appointments instantly sync back to your SimplePractice calendar, providing an up-to-date overview at any given time. 

For more information on calendar syncing, see:

Reporting and analytics

SimplePractice offers a wide range of reports that are displayed graphically in your account, and they can be downloaded in a CSV format. Practice Analytics provides an easy to use dashboard of key metrics at a glance. For more information on reports and analytics, see Understanding your Analytics dashboard and reports.

Multiple Billing Profiles

Add multiple Tax ID and NPI variations based on how you segment your practice or clients. NPIs and Tax IDs will be used with superbills, invoices and claims based on this categorization

You can add multiple Tax ID and NPI variations, based on how you organize your practice and clients. NPIs and Tax IDs are used with superbills, invoices, and claims based on this categorization. For more information, see Managing billing profiles for insurance.

Paperless intakes

To securely and electronically share intake forms with clients, SimplePractice offers the Client Portal. There, clients and their contacts can fill out questionnaires, sign consent documents or treatment plans, as well as access uploaded PDFs. For more information, see Sending intake documents to clients for transitioning Luminello customers.

Notes: Both clients and clinicians are able to complete and share documentation through the mobile app. 

Customized email templates

Emails sent with invoices, statements, superbills, as well as other documentation are fully customizable. Allowing you to tailor your messages to clients, auto-populating their name, your practice details, and more. 

Appointment reminders via email and SMS

Appointment reminders can be sent to clients via email or SMS, and are customizable. For more information, see Customizing email and voice reminders.

Note: Reminders are available only on the Essential and Plus plans.

Daily agenda email and evening summary email

The Daily Agenda Email is sent each morning to help you prepare for the day ahead. It contains scheduling details, appointment requests, practice reminders, and billing updates.

The Evening Summary Email is sent each evening, summarizing the events of the day. This email contains a summary of the day’s appointments, and a list of daily AutoPay amounts. 

2-step verification

To add an extra layer of security to your account, you have the option to enable 2-step verification. For more information, see Managing your profile and 2-step verification.

Adding team members

Important: You can’t add team members to your account or change their permission roles until your transfer is complete. Only clinician team members will transfer over. 

Before you add your team members to your account, you’ll want to determine which role is appropriate for them. See the table below for guidance on which Luminello roles and SimplePractice roles most closely align:

SimplePractice role Luminello role
Account Owner  Owner
Clinician with entire practice access Super Admin 
Clinician with full client list access Manager
Clinician with billing access Clinician
Clinician with basic access Clinician
Practice manager Super Admin
Supervisor Super Admin (clinical role)
Practice biller Assistant or Super Admin
Practice scheduler Assistant or Super Admin

For more detailed information on roles in SimplePractice, see Team member roles and access levels.

Once you’ve determined which practice roles are appropriate for your team members, you can add them to your account. To do this: 

  • Navigate to Settings > Team > Team members
  • Click Add Team Member


  • Enter the team member’s First name, Last name, and Email 
  • Click Continue 
  • Choose their role


  • Click Continue
  • Toggle any additional permissions on as needed
  • Click Continue
  • Review the changes to your plan and click Send invitation 

Note: If the Team tab isn’t present in your account settings, then you’ll first want to update your subscription to the Plus plan.

Using Online Payments

If you used Bluefin in Luminello, your client credit card information and their credits and balances will transfer over to SimplePractice after you provide explicit consent. To provide consent, you’ll receive an email to complete a Docusign. If you’d like to process online payments in SimplePractice, you'll need to set up a new Online Payments account. To do this, see Getting started with Online Payments for transitioning Luminello customers.

Note: For details on AutoPay, see How will AutoPay work during the transfer process? below.

When transferring to SimplePractice, you’ll need to set up new connections with the insurance payers you’re credentialed with. To do this, see our guide on Transferring your enrollments from Luminello to SimplePractice.

Note: You'll need to re-enroll with any insurance payers you’ll be billing to. Since the processing time for an enrollment varies by payer, we recommend doing this right after you get access to your SimplePractice account.


How does SimplePractice handle superbills and invoices?

Invoices in SimplePractice are used to calculate a client’s balance and provide receipts for paid services. Invoices can be set up to automatically generate, or you can manually create them as needed. For details on how invoices can be created and automated in SimplePractice, see Creating invoices.

You can provide superbills for clients who will be seeking reimbursement from insurance payers directly. To do this, see our guide on Creating superbills.

For general guidance on billing in SimplePractice, see Getting started with client billing for transitioning Luminello customers

How will AutoPay work during the transfer process?

When transferring to SimplePractice, the following information will transfer over in relation to client billing:

  • Client credit card information
  • Outstanding client balances and credits

While the information above will transfer over, to have clients billed automatically through your account, you’ll need to set up AutoPay. To do this:

  • Navigate to Settings > Payment processing > AutoPay
  • Toggle AutoPay on
    • If you don’t have Online Payments enabled, you’ll be prompted to set up an Online Payments account first
  • Select the client’s you’d like to enroll in AutoPay
  • Click Save Changes

Can I customize documentation templates?

Yes, you can customize your documentation templates in SimplePractice. For more details on what kind of templates can be customized, as well as the types of questions that can be added to these forms, see Custom form builder above.

When is the last day I'm able to transfer from Luminello to SimplePractice?

There are different migration deadlines for Luminello customers, based on varying factors. To find out when your account’s transfer deadline is, you can reach out to the SimplePractice Customer Success team.

How can I get support?

You’re welcome to continue working with the Luminello support team by reaching out through your Luminello account, or you can reach out to the SimplePractice Customer Success team by clicking the question mark ? in the lower right corner of your SimplePractice account and choosing Ask Questions.


How can I request a feature be added?

We love feedback and ideas for ways to advance the platform. We encourage you to add it to our Ideas and Suggestions board

This board is one of our most important resources for understanding which features will have the most value for our community. Posting on our Ideas and Suggestions board means that members of our Product team, as well as all members of our Community, have transparent access to review your suggestion. Other members can vote and comment on your suggestion, and you can vote and comment on their suggestions as well.

For more information about how a customer idea can become a SimplePractice feature, see Customer feedback: How a customer idea can become a feature in SimplePractice.

How do I find the correct payer ID in SimplePractice?

The payer ID associated with the insurance payers you’re credentialed with may be different in SimplePractice than in Luminello. For details on how to choose the correct ID when submitting enrollments and claims, see Understanding payer IDs in SimplePractice.

Where can I find my subscription pricing?

For details about subscription pricing for Luminello customers, see the Luminello customer pricing page.

What happens to my calendar when I transfer?

Each of your Luminello calendars will transfer over to your SimplePractice account as individual Locations. To adjust the details for your calendars, navigate to Settings > Practice  > Practice details.

To view your calendars, use the All offices drop down filter on your SimplePractice calendar:


For more information on managing locations, see Adding office locations.

Why is it saying I have a duplicate email when I try to agree to the transfer?

Each SimplePractice account needs to have a unique email on file. If you created a SimplePractice account separate from the transfer process, you’ll need to cancel that account and waive the 30 day window. To do this, follow the steps in our guide on Canceling your account. If you need further assistance, you can reach out to the SimplePractice Customer Success team

Why isn’t my ePrescribe working as soon as I transfer?

It can take up to 24 hours for your ePrescribe information to transfer over after your transfer to SimplePractice is complete.

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