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Storing your professional will in your account

Storing your professional will in your account

By creating a professional will, you can prepare your practice in case you’re unexpectedly absent and unable to communicate with your clients. With this document, you can identify a professional executor of the will to act on your behalf, and outline specific steps for them to take when you’re absent.

Note: For more information on professional wills, you can read our Pollen article: In Case of Emergency: The Professional Will.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Uploading your professional will

To store your professional will, you can upload it to the Business files page in your SimplePractice account. Storing documents this way is HIPAA-compliant, and can help us identify the executor of your will in the event of an unplanned absence. 

To upload a professional will:

  • Navigate to Settings > Practice > Business files
  • Select Upload documents 

  • Choose the document and click Open
  • The uploaded document will appear on the page, and will be available for download from your SimplePractice account 

For more information, see Managing business files.

Allowing an executor of will to access your account

In case of the unplanned absence or passing of an Account Owner, we’ll require the following documentation to give the next of kin, executor of will, or person with power of attorney access to the account:

  • A copy of the driver’s license or equivalent ID for the power of attorney/next of kin/executor of will
  • A copy of the driver’s license or equivalent ID of the Account Owner
  • A written and signed request to transfer ownership of the account to the appropriate party
  • Any legal documentation that outlines the Account Owner’s directive with respect to their account and/or client data, such as a professional will
  • A copy of the death certificate or proof of incapacitation

The majority of this documentation can be prepared ahead of time and uploaded to Settings > Practice > Business files, or can be sent to us in a help request by the executor of the will.

To gain access to the account, the next of kin, executor of will, or power of attorney can reach out to our team by submitting an email help request.

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