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Eprescribing in SimplePractice from Luminello FAQs

Eprescribing in SimplePractice from Luminello FAQs

If you’re a transitioning Luminello customer using ePrescribe, ePrescribe will be available in your SimplePractice account the day after you transfer. In this guide, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions regarding ePrescribing in SimplePractice from Luminello.

Important: Eprescribe is only currently available for existing Luminello customers who already ePrescribe. We'll be taking new enrollments for ePrescribe at a later date.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

Note: For more information on ePrescribing in SimplePractice from Luminello, see Navigating ePrescribe in SimplePractice from Luminello.

Can I access ePrescribe outside of the US?

There isn't a way to access ePrescribe outside of the US through SimplePractice. You can only access DrFirst from an IP address based in the United States. This means that you won’t be able to access the DrFirst ePrescribe window if you’re outside of the US.

Can I disable Clinical Alerts?

There isn’t a way to disable Clinical Alerts within DrFirst. These are required notifications setup for client safety.

If there are Clinical Alerts associated with your prescription, you’ll be prompted to acknowledge the alert before submitting. Click Acknowledge Alerts to bypass.


Can I use the iPrescribe mobile app to ePrescribe?

The iPrescribe mobile app isn’t available to SimplePractice customers. All ePrescribing occurs in the SimplePractice web version. 

How much does ePrescribe cost?

Your ePrescribe enrollment has rolled over from Luminello to SimplePractice so the one-time setup fee has already been paid. Eprescribe will cost $49 per month per clinician and will appear on your next invoice.

I entered free text by accident. How do I fix it?

It’s important to select medications and allergies from the list provided and not to enter medications or allergy as a free text. Medications and allergies in the list provided in DrFirst are coded to undergo clinical and formulary screening. Free text medications and allergies won’t undergo the same screening.

If you choose a free text medication, you’ll receive a red alert notification after selecting it.


To fix this and choose a medication from the list provided, click Cancel.

If you choose a free text allergy, you’ll receive a yellow alert notification after selecting it.


To fix this, delete the allergy and select the one from the list provided.

Is height and weight required?

Clients who are minors, 18 years or younger, are required to have height and weight entered in their ePrescribe client information.

Clients who are adults, 19 years or older, aren’t required to have height and weight entered.

What are ePrescribe alerts? How do I address them?

To view your practice ePrescribe alerts:

  • Click ePrescribe


  • Click View next to the alert you’d like to see
  • Choose the x to remove the ePrescribe alerts slide out

Pending prescriptions

Pending prescriptions will appear in the ePrescribe alerts slide out when a prescription has been written, but hasn’t been sent to a pharmacy yet. To address a Pending prescription ePrescribe alert:

  • Click ePrescribe
  • Choose View next to Pending prescriptions


  • The Prescription Summary page in DrFirst will appear
  • Each client will be listed and their prescription that’s waiting to be sent to the pharmacy


    • To edit the prescription, click the pencil icon
    • To favorite the prescription, click the star icon
    • To delete the prescription, click the trash can icon
  • To send the prescription, click Send
    • To send and print a copy, click Send & Print
    • To print only, click Print don’t Send
    • To sign only, click Sign don’t Send

Pharmacy requests

Pharmacy requests will appear in the ePrescribe alerts slide out when a pharmacy has sent over a request. To address a Pharmacy request ePrescribe alert:

  • Click ePrescribe
  • Choose View next to Pharmacy requests


  • The Pharmacy Messages page in DrFirst will appear
  • Each client will be listed with their prescription and additional details of the request from the pharmacy
  • Examples of pharmacy requests include but aren’t limited to:
    • Generic substitution request
    • Prescription change request
    • Renewal request


  • Under Response, choose an Action
  • Add any additional required fields or notes for the pharmacist
  • Click Send


Tip: Click the +/- to expand/shrink menus in DrFirst.

What ePrescribe data will be migrated from Luminello into SimplePractice?

The following ePrescribe data will be/was automatically transferred in the migration:

  • Your ePrescribe enrollment
    • This includes your already completed identity proofing
  • Your Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) enrollment
    • Your sign up will transfer automatically
  • Your Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) enrollment
    • Your sign up will transfer automatically
  • Your ePrescribe settings
    • For example, your favorite medications
  • Your client’s demographic information
    • Including active/inactive medications
  • Your existing hard token and soft token for controlled substances
    • No need to request a new one
  • Your Signature Password

Where can I view an ePrescribe demo?

Which team members can access a client’s Medications tab?

Only clinicians designated as the Primary clinician or Clinicians granted access can view a client’s Medications tab. To edit or view a client’s Primary clinician or Clinicians granted access:

  • Navigate to the client’s Overview page
  • Click Edit
  • Under Clinicians, use the dropdown menu to update the Primary clinician
  • Use the checkboxes to add a clinician to the list of  Clinicians granted access


  • Click Save Client

If a clinician isn’t the client’s designated Primary clinician and isn’t checked on the Clinicians granted access list, they won’t be able to access the Medications tab. Non-clinical team members such as practice managers, practice billers, and practice schedulers, also won’t have access to the client’s Medications tab or the DrFirst panel.

Why do I see more ePrescribe alerts than I did in Luminello?

In Luminello, ePrescribe alerts excluded pending prescriptions. However, in SimplePractice ePrescribe alerts will include pending prescriptions. 

This means that you may see more ePrescribe alerts for pending prescriptions in SimplePractice.

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