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Using invoices in SimplePractice

What are Invoices?

In SimplePractice, invoices are the building blocks of our billing system. Invoices tell the system what you are billing your client. Invoices can be used as a bill indicating to the client what they need to pay you or can be used as a receipt to let the client indicate what they've paid.

Invoices include client sessions. In order to bill for a client session, you will need to invoice the session.

Invoices can also include products. Products are non-session items such as books, letters, or non-session services. You can add products to an invoice to bill your clients for these items or services.

Do I need to use invoices?

Important: Invoices are required in order to indicate that you've billed a client, but you don't have to send these invoices to clients. They can remain in the system to indicate you've billed the client. If invoices aren't created for a session, the session fee will not be part of the client's balance and payments will result in a credit balance. Invoices can't be turned off.

Yes, in order to use the billing features of SimplePractice, you'll need to use invoices. But you don't need to send them to clients. 

I have multiple invoices for a session or adjustment invoices. How can I fix this?

If you have multiple invoices for one session, this happened because the session fee or copay was changed. In order to avoid adjustment invoices, you'll want to delete invoices before you change the session fee or copay.

We've outlined those steps in a detailed walkthrough

Tip: We recommend keeping invoices automation on Daily in order to avoid any billing confusion. Just make sure to make any session fee changes before the end of the day so invoices generate correctly.

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