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Making sense of client reminder statuses

Making sense of client reminder statuses

You have the option to see the status of reminders sent to clients. To access this report, follow these steps:

  • From your Calendar homepage, click Reports
  • Next, select the Appointment reminders report

SimplePractice uses a third-party provider to send voice and text reminders to your clients on for you. Our provider helps us to more reliably deliver your messages on time and correctly. There are many steps along the way to getting a voice or text reminder to your client, and during the process there are various statuses that a reminder can be in.

Below you will find the statuses that voice and text reminders can take as well as what each status means:

  • Queued. We're getting ready to send the message to your client's carrier.
  • Sent. We've successfully sent the message to your client's carrier.
  • Undelivered. Your client's carrier was not able to deliver the message.
  • Rejected. Your client's carrier rejected the message due to carrier regulations.
  • Completed. Your client successfully received the reminder call.
  • Busy. Your client's phone was busy for the reminder call.
  • No Answer. There was no answer on your client's phone for the reminder call.
  • Failed. Your client's carrier was not able to make the reminder call.

Note: These statuses only tell part of the story. As mentioned, there are many steps to this process and we do all that we can to ensure successful delivery. However, once a message goes to your client's carrier, our part in the process has been completed to the best of our abilities and the responsibility for delivery falls to the carrier.

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