How does a supervisor review and sign notes?

The supervisor-intern relationship is crucial to a clinician’s personal and professional development, and in SimplePractice we make it easy for supervisors to approve, edit, sign, and lock their supervisee’s notes.

First, make sure that the settings are correct for supervision.

 Sign & Share

Now whenever the supervisee writes a progress note, they have the option to either Edit it, or Sign & Share with Supervisor: A supervisee can edit or Share & Sign a Progress Note with their supervisor with SimplePractice

Once the progress note is shared, the Supervisor can either Approve & Sign it, or Request Edits. The Approve & Sign option will lock the note, and no further edits will be possible.

Note: Once a Progress Note has been locked, it can’t be unlocked. It is considered a part of the client’s official record. Sessions with locked Progress Notes attached can’t be deleted.

The Request Edits option will make the note available for the supervisee to make additional edits before a Supervisor locks it. This is what the window looks like once the Supervisor receives a progress note:

When a supervisor receives a progress note, they can Request Edits from the supervisee or Approve & Sign itWhen Approve & Sign is clicked, the locked note will look like this:

An approved & signed note will lock it, and a gray padlock icon will appear next to it
When Request Edits is clicked, this is what the window will look like for a Supervisor:

When an edit is requested, the Supervisor can edit and lock it​​​​The Supervisee will see the note back in their account to edit and re-share.

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