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What should I do if I receive an enrollment approval from the payer, but I still can't file these claims through SimplePractice?

Sometimes payers will notify our providers that an enrollment for claims filing and/or electronic payment reports has been approved, but not notify our clearinghouse. Our clearinghouse has to receive clear confirmation that your enrollment has been accepted so that you can file claims to this payer through SimplePractice. If you receive an approval notification, please contact our support team, so that we can expedite the process for you and provide clear confirmation. 

When contacting our team, please provide one of the following pieces of information to serve as clear confirmation of your enrollment approval:

  • Copy of the approval email or letter received from the insurance payer.
  • If the approval was verbal, please include the representative’s name that you spoke with, as well as the phone number and reference number for the call.

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