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How do I file claims to Magellan (01260)?

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Insurance Providers.
  2. When you search for payer ID 01260, you will see two entries for Magellan. Both of these entries represent the same payer. They have two different names because some member ID cards show Magellan Behavioral Health, while others show Magellan Health Services. 
  3. Select either listing for Magellan; both will route your claims to the same payer.

Important: Magellan is the only payer we work with who cares about the physical address on the claim forms when the claims are submitted electronically. 
They have a few different P.O. Boxes they use and they want you to send your claims to a specific address based on the client's plan and location.
We recommend that you contact the payer directly to get the correct P.O. Box you should use for your clients. Once you have that information, you can update Magellan's address in your account to ensure all of your claims include the correct information.

How to update Magellan's address

  1. Go to My Account > Settings > Insurance Providers.
  2. Search for payer ID 01260.
  3. Click the current address for one of the entries. This will allow you to update it with the correct address, as shown below.Updating Magellan's address on the Insurance Providers page in SimplePractice
  4. Click Save

Tip: You can update the address for both of the Magellan entries to make sure that you're always sending the claim to the correct address, regardless of the entry you select.


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