How much does it cost to bill insurance through SimplePractice?

Filing your claims electronically through SimplePractice is quick and seamless, and gives you more time to focus on client care. This guide walks you through billing information on filing claims in our system: 

How much does it cost to file claims?

The cost to file a claim electronically in SimplePractice is $0.25/claim

Do you offer claim packages?

Yes, we offer monthly claim packages that are available for you to save some money if you're filing a high volume of claims.

Here are the various packages:

No. of claims

Monthly cost

Cost per claim

25 claims $6.00 $0.24
50 claims $11.50 $0.23
100 claims $22.00 $0.22
200 claims $42.00 $0.21
400 claims $69.00 $0.17

Note: The cost per claim will revert back to $0.25 if you exceed the number of claims purchased in your package.

How do I sign up for a monthly claim package?

  • Navigate to My Account > Settings > Subscription Information
  • Click Choose an insurance package and save, and select the package you want to add to your subscriptioninsuranceclaim.simplepractice.subscriptioninformation.png
  • Select the Change Insurance Package 


Note: You must have a paid SimplePractice account to add a monthly claim package.

How do claim packages affect my subscription billing?

When you sign up for a claim package, a new billing cycle for insurance charges will begin.

Will claim packages apply to past claims filed?

No, your claim package will only apply to future claims. They won't cover any claims that you've filed before purchasing the claim package. For example, if your regular subscription charge is billed on the 1st of every month and you purchase a claim package on the 15th, any claims you filed between the 1st and the 15th will have the regular $0.25/claim fee.

Do claim packages roll over into the next month?

Claim packages do not roll over. Any unused claims from a package will be lost in the next month.

Can I combine multiple claim packages?

You can't combine multiple claim packages within the same month. If you buy a second claim package, it will override your first claim package. This means that any left over claims from that previous package will be lost.

What if I go over my claim package allowance?

If you file more claims in a month than your package covers, each extra claim will have the standard fee of $0.25/claim.


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