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How much does it cost to bill insurance through SimplePractice?

How much does it cost to bill insurance through SimplePractice?

Filing your claims electronically through SimplePractice is quick and seamless, and gives you more time to focus on client care. This guide walks you through billing information on filing claims in our system:

How much does it cost to file claims?

Electronic claim filing is a feature available on the Essential and Plus plans of SimplePractice. The Essential subscription plan includes 10 free claims each month, and the Plus subscription plan includes 35 free claims each month for the practice.

The cost to file claims, beyond what’s included in your subscription, follows a tiered structure based on volume of claims submitted:


Note: To quickly view which features are offered in each subscription plan, see our pricing page.  

Do you offer claim packages?

We no longer offer monthly claim filing packages outside of the allotted amount included for free on the Essential and Plus subscription plans. 

With our new subscription plans, customers no longer have to worry about buying claim packages in advance. Instead, the new pricing tiers will apply automatically and the cost of filing will decrease incrementally based on the volume of claims submitted. 

Can I file claims during my 30-day free trial?

During your 30-day free trial, you can submit unlimited insurance claims at no charge. After your trial, you need to select the Essential or Plus plan to continue using electronic claim filing.

How can I see a breakdown of all insurance processing fees in my account?

Your SimplePractice monthly subscription invoice will include a breakdown of all costs for electronic claim filing, including the rate at which each submitted claim was billed. 

To see your monthly claim filing charges broken down as line items, you can navigate to Settings > Subscription Information > Invoices.

What will happen to existing claim filing packages purchased on the legacy Professional plan?

If you previously purchased a claim filing package in an insurance billing cycle that ends after you select your new plan, any unused claims will be available during the first billing cycle of your new subscription. Any additional claims filed beyond these will be billed according to the new tiered pricing structure shown above.

How will I be charged for claims I submit beyond what's included in my subscription plan?

The Essential plan includes 10 free claims a month and the Plus plan includes 35 free claims a month for the practice that would otherwise be billed at $0.25 each. 

This means that on the Essential plan, claims 1-10 are included in your subscription for free, and claims 11-250 will be billed at $0.25 each in accordance with the tiered pricing structure. On the Plus plan, claims 1-35 are included in your subscription for free, and claims 36-250 will be billed at $0.25 each.

Any claims filed beyond this will continue to follow the tiered pricing structure outlined above.

Can I still create claims if I select the Starter plan?

Electronic claim filing is only available on the Essential and Plus plans. However, if you select the Starter plan for your subscription, you can still create and download insurance claims to print and submit outside of SimplePractice. 

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