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How do I use Authorization Tracking?

How do I use Authorization Tracking?

Sometimes insurance companies provide a set number of services that they will cover, or they provide a certain time period during which they will cover services for a client. They use prior authorization numbers that need to be included in the claims you submit for those services. 

SimplePractice's Authorization Tracking feature helps health and wellness professionals make sure they always have an updated prior authorization number in their clients' profiles to avoid delays in getting paid from insurance.

To access and customize this feature for a client, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the client’s overview page.
  2. Select View/edit client info.
  3. Navigate to the Billing and Insurance tab.
  4. Scroll to find the Authorization Tracking section.
  5. Here you can enter the prior authorization number, the number of uses, and the dates through which the authorization is valid.

You can enter prior authorization numbers in SimplePractice to track the number of uses and when it expires

Additionally, in SimplePractice health and wellness professionals can now:

Note: You can also use this feature to track how many authorized appointments a client has left even if the client doesn't have an authorization number. Simply enter a number (such as "1") into the Authorization Number field and continue completing the fields. 

Record multiple authorization numbers

You can record multiple authorization numbers, both for current use and for historical purposes. You can have as many authorization numbers at a given time as you want, but you will need to designate an active number.

The active authorization number is the one that is the client's default. This is the number that will populate onto insurance claims as well as display on the client's overview page in the At-A-Glance sidebar.

To change the active authorization number, you can select it with the checkbox. It is important to note that only one authorization number can be active at a time, but none of them will be deleted.

Check the box to make an authorization note active in SimplePractice

Note: Please be mindful that prior authorization numbers are payer-specific. If the client has coverage with more than one insurance company, the authorization number is going to automatically populate for both the primary and secondary claim if you check "Active". This means that you will need to manually edit box 23 on the secondary claim form. Additionally, if you are filing to a payer that doesn't require an authorization, you will need to remove this information by manually editing box 23 before submitting the claim to the payer. 

Get reminded about expiring authorizations

Each authorization number will have a checkbox to opt-in to receive a reminder 1 month before the authorization expires. You will receive this reminder in the Reminder section of your account.

Check the box to get a reminder of a month ahead of time that the authorization code is expiring

Note: At this time, the reminder can only be sent 1 month before the authorization number expires, as opposed to sending a reminder with the number of sessions remaining. Keep in mind this is only the first version of this feature and it may change in the future.

Auto-populate numbers on insurance claims

The active authorization number will automatically populate onto insurance claims in Box 23, as shown below.

Active authorization codes will auto-poplate in box 23 of claim forms

Migrate existing authorization numbers for seamless transition

If a client has an existing authorization number, we will automatically re-create this for them so you do not have to do it and so that there is no disruption in their experience.

Tracking the number of sessions remaining

While we are planning to make this feature more robust in the future, there are three options to easily see the number of authorized sessions remaining. To do this, you will want to choose one of these options: 

  1. Create and update a chart note.
    • Keep a running tally by creating and updating a chart note for the client. You can keep this note pinned to the top of the client's chronological record by setting the note date to a time far in the future:
      Create an update a chart note with a future date to keep it at the top of a client's chronological record
  2. Keep a running tally of authorized sessions in the client's progress notes.
    Add a tally of authorized sessions in the client's progress notes
  3. Keep a running tally of authorized sessions in the client's info page.You can also keep a tally in the notes section of the client's info page in SimplePractice


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