How do I offer Telehealth appointments?


Telehealth by SimplePractice allows you to connect anywhere with your clients for fully HIPAA compliant appointments. Through audio and video over the internet, you can meet with clients on the go from your laptop or your mobile device (iOS or Android) - it's your choice.

How do I turn Telehealth on?

You can enable Telehealth by going to My Account > Settings > Billing Information.

Enabling the Telehealth feature will create a new office location named Video Office. You can customize the name of this new location to reflect the unique needs of your practice.

Once enabled, you can now create new Availability for your Video Office if you would like to allow Online Booking for Telehealth appointments and services. 

Note: For detailed information about setting up your Availability, see this guide: Managing your Availability.

How do I offer a Telehealth appointment?

  • From your laptop open the appointment and then select the button to start the appointment.

  • From your mobile device you will get a push notification directing you to the appointment. This is where you can select the button to install the Video App if you haven't yet, or to start the Telehealth appointment through the Video App.

Appointment reminders...

When enabled, the client will get a 10-minute text reminder and/or a 10-minute email reminder as long as the appointment is set before the text/email reminder window:

  • The text reminder directs them to check their email
  • The email reminder includes the link to the appointment


Note: Properly setting up appointment reminders is crucial. For a helpful walkthrough that will guide you step-by-step to making sure these are set up just right, head over here: How to set up appointment reminders.

When you select the link, you will be presented with a priming screen that asks you to enable your camera and microphone:

  • From your laptop, you will receive a message (see below) asking you to test out your camera and microphone.


  • From your mobile device, you will be reminded to be in a private area with a good internet connection.

Note: Have questions or need help troubleshooting? We've got you covered here: Telehealth FAQs. And your clients here: Telehealth FAQs for clients.

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