Secure Messaging for mobile

Now you have even more reason to leave your laptop at home because you can send and receive secure messages from your SimplePractice app on iOS or Android. 

The SimplePractice mobile app on iOS                        The SimplePractice mobile app on Android     

With Secure Messaging, you can conveniently initiate conversations with team members and clients. To successfully message them, team members and clients will first need to have Secure Messaging enabled. To do so, you will need to enable it from the web app on your computer. For instructions, please see this walkthrough: Getting started with Secure Messaging.

Note: You can respond to any existing conversation in Secure Messaging.

Secure Messaging push notifications

You can opt to receive a push notification on your mobile phone and respond in a timely manner directly from your SimplePractice mobile app. Just tap on the notification, and your app will open so that you can send a HIPAA compliant response quickly to your clients and team members. You can access the Push Notification management screen by going to Settings in the app. There are four different push notifications available, and here you can customize which ones you receive:

  • Session Alerts - tell you when a session is about to start.
  • New Message - tell you when a new Secure Message is received.
  • Session Request Alerts - tell you when a new session has been requested.
  • Video Session Alerts - tell you when a video session is about to start.

You can choose to receive all, some, or none of these push notifications.

Note: If you're experiencing any issues with accessing this feature, upgrading to the latest version of the mobile app will allow you to access all of the current features and to enjoy the full benefits of this update.

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