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Using the SimplePractice Community Forum

At SimplePractice, we’re here to support our customers as they run their businesses using our complete practice management platform. This past year we’ve added more success team specialists, introduced live support, and opened our Community on Facebook to even more members.

We’re thrilled to introduce the SimplePractice Community Forum: a place where our customers can connect and share tips, triumphs, and best practices.

Using the SimplePractice Community Forum, SimplePractice customers can ask each other questions, pick each other’s brains, and solve the business problems that health and wellness professionals in private practice face every day.

Previously, our customers couldn’t connect to one another to share tips and tricks, and our feedback forum was limited just to feature suggestions and ideas. Now, our Forum will include topics like a SimplePractice Q&A, discussion forums for solo and group practitioners, a Notes and Forms Template Exchange, and a forum that our Product team will monitor for feature Ideas and Suggestions.

There are just a few guidelines for using the SimplePractice Community Forum:

  • Be respectful! We’re all professionals here.
  • Be detailed. If you have a problem or question, make sure to include as much context as possible so that the Customer Success team and the Community can help.
  • Be careful. Posting PHI or any identifying information about a client in the SimplePractice Community Forum will result in immediate removal from the Forum.

We’re so excited to release this new platform where our customers can connect! Check out the SimplePractice Community Forum here.

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