What clearinghouse does SimplePractice use, and should I contact them?

What our clearinghouse does

Our clearinghouse supports SimplePractice with enrollments, electronic claim filing, receiving payment reports, and creating payer connections.

When a claim is submitted through SimplePractice, the clearinghouse will review the claim for any errors and/or missing information before submitting the claim to the payer. If an error is found, we will notify you so that you can make the corrections needed to submit the claim.

Note: To be able to file claims or receive payment reports, you should submit an enrollment through your SimplePractice account. Once an enrollment is submitted, our clearinghouse takes care of the rest. To learn how to submit an enrollment to file claims or receive payment reports, please see this guide: How do I submit an Enrollment to file claims or receive payment reports?

Contacting the clearinghouse

We ask that our customers reach out directly to our SimplePractice team for any insurance-related questions because our clearinghouse does not have access to your SimplePractice account. If needed, our team will work directly with the clearinghouse on claims and/or payment report issues on your behalf.

Clearinghouse information

The clearinghouse that SimplePractice works with is Eligible, Inc.

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