What are the minimum requirements for successfully using SimplePractice? 

You can easily access and use your SimplePractice account from your laptop/desktop, mobile device (iOS or Android), or tablet. 

Minimum requirements for your device:

  • For computers (laptop or desktop), we strongly recommend:
    • Using newer devices purchased in the last two years.
    • That the device has a 2.5 GHz processor and 4 GB of RAM.
  • For mobile devices, we strongly recommend:
    • Using at least iOS 10.
      • Find out if your iOS device is compatible here.
    • Using at least Android 6.0.
      • Find out if your Android device is compatible here.
  • A reliable internet connection. 
    • On the web app, updated versions of Chrome or Firefox browsers are strongly recommended, although you can also use Safari.
    • For optimal results, a reliable, high-speed internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 mbps will minimize connection issues and provide the best quality

Note: If your device does not meet the minimum requirements, the quality of your SimplePractice experience and the security of your data may be impacted. Additionally, our team will not be able to assist with troubleshooting unless your device meets the minimum requirements outline above. 

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