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What is the SimplePractice Booking Widget?

The SimplePractice Booking Widget is an excellent tool for making it easy for potential new clients to find your Availability and request an appointment. Now, it's more responsive and flexible than ever. 

To learn more about how you can add the SimplePractice Booking Widget to your website, see this guide: How to add the Booking Widget to your website.

Note: This feature is only available on the Professional Plan through SimplePractice.

Once embedded, here's what a new client will experience when they click your Booking Widget:

1. On the Booking Widget flyout window, they will be able to select from the services you've chosen to offer new clients:


New client services on the SimplePractice booking widget

Note: Existing Clients will be directed to sign into your Client Portal to request an appointment. For more information, please see this guide: Client Portal overview.

2. New clients will then have the opportunity to select a location. If you have one location, they will select that one to move to the next step:

New clients will be able to select which office location matches their preference

3. Next, they can figure out which date and time will work for them based off of your Availability settings. Depending on the Availability you have set, they can view and select a date in an upcoming month by using the navigation arrows. Once they select a date, they can then view available appointments by time of day.

New clients will also be able to see your availability on any given day

Note: For more information about setting your Availability, please see this walkthrough: Managing your Availability. If clients only see the option to Call to book, this means that you will need to manage your Availability so that clients can schedule appointments online.

4. To choose the date and time that works best for their schedule, your client should click the time to select and request their appointment. They will see a checkmark appear and will see their selected date and time display under Date & Time:

New clients will also be able to request an appointment by selecting a time slot

5. Finally, they will enter their information. They will need to enter their name, email address, and phone number to be able to successfully request an appointment:

Lastly, new clients will need to enter their contact information

For more information about adding the Booking Widget to your website, managing your Availability, setting up Online Booking, and sharing documents, please see these guides:

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