Insights: Analytics and reports for your private practice

Insights is were you can find analytics and reports related to your practice. These reports include data related to topics such as income by monthphone/text message remindersunpaid insurance appointments, and payments received by clinician.

To locate these reports, just click Insights on your Calendar homepage.

Here you'll find:

The Insights page in SimplePractice contains all of your reports

Note: Each report can be downloaded as a CSV or Excel file, allowing you to easily review or print as needed.

Projected Income This Month

Projected Income This Month is based on payments received, upcoming unpaid appointments, and historical insurance data including average insurance reimbursements in applicable.

Here's what the formula looks like:

(Client payments + Insurance payments recorded in the month to date)* + (Fees for future non-cancelled appointments for the rest of the month)

*Once a session has passed and remains unpaid, it's no longer included in the Projected Income until the session fee is paid.

Note: Please remember that these are just estimates based off of the information entered into your account and averages related to insurance.  

Income Last Month

Income Last Month shows how much income was recorded in SimplePractice for the previous month. If a payment was recorded last month, that means it's included in this number, regardless of when the session occurred. The number of appointments shown here denotes the number of appointments you received income from in the last month. Those can be appointments with the statuses "show", "no show", and/or "late cancelled".

Year to date income

Year to Date Income

This is the total sum of all the payments you have received in the current year. The number of appointments shown here denotes the number of appointments you received income from in the last year. Those can be appointments with the statuses "show", "no show", and/or "late cancelled".


Client Balances

This is a balance overview for each client including balance information for both the client and the client's insurance company. Note that the insurance payments on this report only include the insurance payments allocated to the client's appointments.

The Client Balances Report in SimplePractice


Invoice Aging Report

This is an aging report of cash owed by clients (excluding insurance money owed).

The Invoice Aging Report in SimplePractice

Client Attendance

This report is organized by client based on appointment status (Show, Cancelled, Late Cancelled, No Show)

The Client Attendance Report in SimplePractice


Appointment Status

The Appointment Status Report details the financial status of every appointment in your practice. This report allows you to easily see the billing history for a client and easily identify billing discrepancies so that you can make the corrections you need.
The Appointment Status Report in SimplePractice


This report shows the status of every invoice in your account. You can also use this report to find Unpaid and Past Due invoices.

The Invoices Report in SimplePractice


Emails Sent

This report gives you a record of emails that are sent from SimplePractice's system for the last 30 days. Emails include: invitations to clients to complete the intake, your schedule for today, self-scheduling invitations (Professional Plan), enrollment updates, insurance claim updates, and subscription-related emails (e.g., invoices and payments for your account).

The Emails Sent Report in SimplePractice


Phone/Text Message Reminders

This report keeps a record of the reminders sent to your clients in the last 30 days. You can refer to this report to check to see if a reminder was sent to a client. For more information about appointment reminders, see these guide: How to set up appointment reminders and Making sense of client reminder statuses.

The Phone/Text Message Reminders Report in SimplePractice



Claim Aging Report

The Claim Aging Report is an aging report on money owed from Insurance companies and it is sorted by insurance provider.

  • Unbilled: This is the sum of the appointment fees that have not been included on a superbill or on a CMS claim form.

  • Total Charges: This is the sum of all insurance claims, both electronic and printed CMS 1500 claims.

  • Due 30 Days: This is the sum of all unpaid claims for appointments that were created more than 30 days ago.

  • Due 60 Days: This is the sum of all unpaid claims for appointments that were created more than 60 days ago.

  • Balance Due: This tells you the entire balance due for all claims created for this payer.

The Claim Aging Report in SimplePractice


Electronic Insurance Claims

This report shows a list of all insurance claims that have been electronically through SimplePractice in a selected date range.

Insurance Coverage Reports

This report shows a list of all insurance coverage reports generated via SimplePractice in a selected date range.

Insurance Payment Reports

This report shows a list of all payment reports (electronic EOBs) received through SimplePractice for a selected date range.

Unpaid Insurance Sessions

This report shows a list of unpaid appointments for each client listed by date.

The Unpaid Insurance Sessions Report in SimplePractice

Insurance Processing Fees

This report shows a list of charges incurred from electronic claim filing. Claims on the pay-as-you-go plan cost $.25/claim and can hold up to 6 appointments per client per claim. For more information about our claims packages, refer to this guide: How much does it cost to bill insurance through SimplePractice?



Income by Month

This report details your monthly total income from clients and insurance companies received during a given month regardless of when the services for those payments occurred.

Note: If you would like to generate a report detailing end of year totals, you can export this report as a CSV or Excel file and then manipulate the data to best serve your accounting or reporting needs.

The Income by Month Report in SimplePractice

Invoiced by Clinician (group practices only)

This report shows the total amount of invoices for the selected time period. The report will show a total of invoiced and uninvoiced amounts. This will be helpful to ensure all sessions are invoiced and the total amounts billed by each clinician.

The Invoiced by Clinician (group practices only) Report in SimplePractice

Payments Received by Clinician (group practice only)

The Payments Received by Clinician report shows the total amount of payments received by the clinician for a Pay Period. You also have the ability to create Pay Period Snapshots and view adjustments. To learn more about this report, please see this guide: Payments Received by Clinician report & Past Pay Periods Snapshots.

The Payments Received by Clinician (group practice only) Report in SimplePractice

Request your (year) tax report

When you click Request your (year) tax report, you will see a green banner appear letting you know that we're compiling your report and that we'll email you letting you know when it's ready. When you receive the email, it will contain a link to download your tax report. This link will expire after 24 hours. Once your report has downloaded, it should look similar to this:

The Request your (year) tax report in SimplePractice

Payout reports

The Payouts report details all of the credit card charges processed through your account. You can see the following details pertaining to each charge:

  • Date of the charge
  • Status of the charge
    • If the Status is Failed, hover over the i information icon to learn the details of the failure.
  • The Bank/Card used for the charge
  • The Description of the charge
  • The Arrival
    • This is the date your payout will arrive in your bank account. For pending or in transit payouts, this date is the expected date.
  • The Amount of the charge

The Payout reports in SimplePractice


Card Transactions report

Clicking View Transactions will take you to the Card Transactions report that details:

  • The Date of the charge
  • The Client charged
  • The Type of transaction
  • The Status of the charge
  • The Fee associated with the transaction
  • The Amount

The Card Transactions report in SimplePractice

Note: You can also navigate to your Card Transactions from your Calendar homepage by clicking Billing > Card Transactions.

For the selected period of time, you can also view the financial breakdown in the banner that includes the following:

  • Net: The amount that you earned minus processing fees
  • Gross Amount: The amount that you earned before fees
  • Fees: The processing fees associated with the payout (2.95% + $0.30 for each successful transaction)

A financial breakdown banner will show near the top of the page for the selected period

Clicking View details will allow you to view the Transaction Details:

  • The Payout ID associated with the transaction
  • The Arrival
  • The Description of the charge
  • If the Status is Failed, the Failure message will be listed
  • The Amount

The Transaction Details on the Card Transactions report in SimplePractice

You also have the option to export this report by clicking the Export button from the Transactions report. Once you do that, we'll send you an email when the file is ready for you to download. 

You can export the Card Transactions report by clicking the Export button on the top right of the report

To download the file, you'll go to My Account > Settings > Data Exports and click the correct file.

Click the link on the Data Exports page to download the report

Tip: To set up Stripe Online Payments in your account, navigate to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Online Payments and follow the steps found in this guide: Client Payments: Card processing in SimplePractice.

Referral Sources report

The Referral Sources report details where referrals came from and the Total Revenue attributed to those sources. Total Revenue is the lifetime revenue from clients that have a specific source associated with them.

This report also allows you to manage your referral sources. Clicking Manage Sources will allow you to remove sources from your list.

You also have the option to export the Referral Sources report as an Excel or CSV file.

Note: Each role has access to this report except for SchedulersSupervisors, and Clinicians with Basic Access. Only Administrators will have access to the Total Revenue column and to Manage Sources.

The Referral Sources Report in SimplePractice


Tip: You can add a referral source for a client by going to the client's Overview page > Edit Details. There, scroll down to find the Referred by section and add in the information.

Note: We plan to continue to build out the data visualization items and reports on this page to provide you with more visibility into the inner workings of your practice.

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