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Where do I find my consent documents and intake forms?

Where do I find my consent documents and intake forms?

Within SimplePractice, there are two types of Paperless Intake documents you can share with a client through the Client Portal to receive an electronic response. You can find each type below: 

Consent documents

A consent document, also known as a practice document, is any text document that you want your client to sign and agree to. These are documents that only require an electronic signature from a client to acknowledge that they've read and agreed to the terms. 

Setting up your consent documents is an essential part of managing your practice well. To find your consent documents:

Here, you'll find these consent documents that are included in your SimplePractice account. You can also find the default text of these documents below:

Important: It’s your responsibility to review and update these consent document templates to make sure that they reflect the legal requirements of your state, as well as the way you choose to run your practice. If you have any questions, we recommend consulting your local regulatory body.

To make changes to an existing consent document:


  • Make edits to the text
  • Click Save

If you’d like to add a new document, click + Consent Document


Note: See Customizing and adding new practice documents for additional details.

Intake forms

An intake form is a form that allows you to collect responses from a client in different formats like multiple choice, long answer, short answer, electronic signature, etc. within the Client Portal.

To create your own custom intake forms:

  • Navigate to Settings > Notes and Forms
  • On the My Notes and Forms tab, click Create New Template
  • Use the dropdown menu to select for Intake Forms


  • Click Add New to add a new item or question to the form
  • Click Save

Note: For a detailed walkthrough of creating your own custom templates, see: Creating customized templates in My Notes and Forms.

You can also find premade templates in the Template Library. To access the library: 


Note: You can check the status of intake paperwork that has already been shared with a client in the Shared with Client section of their Overview page. To learn more, see: Sending intake forms and documents to clients.

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