Adding an addendum to a locked progress note

Once you sign and lock a progress note, you cannot edit or delete it. However, you may append an addendum to any locked note.

Here’s how to add an addendum:

  1. Locate the correct progress note and note the date and time of the appointment for which you wish add the addendum. For the note below, the appointment was July 4th and ended at 5:05PM. This means that the addendum will need to be dated after this date/time.Screen_Shot_2018-07-24_at_12.51.47_PM.png
  2. Navigate to the the client’s Overview page.
  3. Enter the addendum into the chart note field (as shown below), and click Save this note.Screen_Shot_2018-07-24_at_12.29.50_PM.png
  4. Once the chart note has been saved, you will need to backdate it. To do this, click Edit on the chart note.
  5. Next, click the date field below the chart note to select either the date of the initial appointment (in the example, July 4) or any date after, as shown below:Screen_Shot_2018-07-24_at_12.15.26_PM.png
  6. Click the time field to select a time after the appointment's ending time (in the example, 5:05 PM).
  7. Now you should see the addendum appear directly after the note, as shown below:  



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