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Printing completed and blank forms

Printing completed and blank forms

There may be times when you need to print completed or blank client forms. If your client has filled out their forms via the Client Portal, you can download and print these documents. You also have the option to print blank documents for your clients to complete by hand, which you can then upload and store on the client’s file. 

In this guide, we'll walk through:

Printing completed forms

Printing blank forms

Storing printed forms

Note: See Using consent documents and intake forms to learn more about where you can find your documents to edit.

Printing completed forms

Demographics form

Since SimplePractice’s Demographic Form is integrated into your client’s profile, there isn’t a separate form to print. However, you can print your client’s demographic information by following these steps:

  • Go to the client's Overview page
  • Click Edit
  • Depending on the type of computer you have, select Command P or Control P and the option to print the page will appear
  • Click Printprint.simplepractice.demographicsform.jpg

Intake forms

When an intake form is completed, you can view it by going to the Shared With Client section of the client’s Overview page. To print these types of forms:

  • Click the intake form
  • Select Download PDF


  • Select Command P or Control P to print the document


Consent documents

Similar to intake forms, consent documents can also be found under the Shared with client section of the client’s Overview page. To print these documents:

  • Click the consent form and it will open in a new page
  • Select Command P or Control P to print the document


Printing blank forms

Entire intake packet

The intake forms/documents most customers ask clients to fill out before their first appointment include:

  1. Intake form (Why are you seeking treatment, etc.)
  2. Practice documents (Notice of Privacy Practices, Informed Consent, etc.)
  3. Credit card authorization form 
  4. Demographic form (general contact & insurance info.)

Note: Here is a printable version of the entire intake packet [via Google docs]. You will be prompted to "Make a Copy" in order to edit.

Important: Please read before you print the 12 page document. You will need to add your practice name, address, and logo (or delete the placeholders) on page 1, and add a few additional details on pages 11 and 12. Also, the document is intended for behavioral health practices, so you may need to make additional changes to make it relevant to your practice.

Blank intake form

If you have created a custom intake form, here is how to print it out:

  • Go to Settings > Notes and Forms.
  • Select the intake you want to print.
  • Click the eye icon next to the template name to open the preview.
  • Click Print (in the upper right corner) to open the standard Print dialog window.
  • Select your printer and click Print.

Practice documents

In addition to the Intake form, you will want to print out the practice documents (e.g., Notice of Privacy Practices, Informed Consent, etc.) for your client to sign.

Here’s how:

  • Go to Settings > Client Portal.
  • Select Shared Documents and Files.  
  • Click View > Print for each document, and this will open the standard Print dialog window.
  • Select your printer and click Print.

Blank payment authorization form

To add payment information into a client’s profile from a paper form:

  • Have the client fill out and sign a paper copy of the Credit Card Authorization Form. Here's a template with only the credit card authorization questions [via Google docs] that you can copy and personalize. You'll be prompted to Make a Copy in order to edit.
  • When you receive the form, enter the card information directly into their Billing and Insurance tab in their profile under the Credit & Debit Cards section.
    • Once the information is entered, only the last 4 digits of the client's credit card will be available to view in order to protect their information. 

Important: We don't advise you store your clients full credit card information within your SimplePractice account. Saving their information under their Billing and Insurance settings keeps their card information protected within an encrypted database. 

Blank client demographic form

To get the client’s demographic information into the portal, you will have to do one of the following:

  • Provide a paper version (here is a template with only the demographic questions [via Google docs] you can copy and personalize, and here's one that includes insurance information [via Google docs] of the demographic form to the client to fill out (and manually enter this into the client’s Overview page)
  • Ask the client the questions and type the responses directly into the client’s profile in the portal,
  • Use your (the clinician’s) email to log in to the Client Portal as the client, and then ask the client to fill out the forms on a computer in your office.

Storing printed forms

Storing the completed documents in the client's SimplePractice profile

Once your client completes their forms, you can upload them onto the client’s Overview page. You can either scan the documents, or take a picture with your smartphone and upload them through the SimplePractice mobile app.

Scan documents:

  • Scan each page.
  • Save the scanned pages to your computer.
  • Click Store New Document to store the pictures directly in the client’s SimplePractice profile, as shown below.


Use the mobile app to securely take and store pictures:

  • On the mobile app, go to the client's Overview page. 
  • Click Stored.
  • Click the +.
  • Select either Take photo or Pick a file.
  • Take a picture of each page or upload the correct file from your device.
  • Click Ok.

The image(s) will now be saved in the client's Stored Documents section.

Note: For additional details to store client documents, here’s our guide: Storing client documents. 

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