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SimplePractice email notifications: Daily Agenda Email and Evening Summary Email

To help you stay on top of your business, SimplePractice gives you the option of receiving two different email notifications:

To adjust which emails you receive, go to My Account > Settings > Notifications and click the checkbox next to the email(s) you would like to receive:

Control when and how SimplePractice sends email notifications.

Note: Both the Daily Agenda Email and the Evening Summary Email are automatically enabled when you start your SimplePractice account.

Daily Agenda Email

The Daily Agenda Email is sent each morning and contains:

  • Today's Schedule
  • Reminders
  • Payments
  • Invoices

Daily agenda provides your Schedule, Reminders, Payments and Invoices is available by email and in the app.

Evening Summary Email

The Evening Summary Email is sent each evening and contains:

  • A summary of the client appointments held that day
  • A list of daily AutoPay amounts if the client is enrolled

Evening summary provides a summary of your appointment and actions items for them, plus has an options to collect payment for them.


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