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How to set up appointment descriptions on invoices

We know it's important for you to have the flexibility you need to run your practice in a way that works for you and for your clients. This is why we've given you multiple options for how services display on invoices. To choose how you would like to display this information by default, follow these steps:

  • Go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services
  • Under Invoice Settings select either
    • Use Professional Services
    • Use Appointment Service and Description

By default, invoices will display all appointment types as Professional Services when the invoice is generated.

All appointment types will display as a line item named Professional Services

This general description is used on the invoice billing document to help protect client privacy since more descriptive appointment information is generally required only on superbills.

You can also customize this description to be anything you wish. Here's how:

  • If you haven't saved the invoice, just click into the text field and edit as needed
  • If you have saved the invoice, click Edit and you will then be able to edit the text field as needed

You can also edit this description to suit your needs

If you would prefer to have the full service code description display on the invoice, go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services and select Use Appointment Service and Description under Invoice Settings

You can also have the full service code description display on the invoice

Note: You can always edit invoices individually after you generate them.

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