How to send a Mass Document Request during your Switch to SimplePractice

Note: The Mass Document Request option is only available during the Switching process.

The Mass Document Request is the final step in Switching to SimplePractice. It allows you to request updated and accurate demographic information from your clients through the Client Portal. Once this is completed, the provided clients’ demographic information will automatically populate into your account.

How do I access the Mass Document Request link?

Once your client list has been imported, our Switching Team will reach back out to you and provide you with a link to access the Mass Document Request button:

The Mass Document Request link will be given to you by our Switching Team

By clicking Send Document Request, the system will send an intake request to all clients included in the imported list that have consented to receiving emails from you.

Tip: The consent to receive emails from you is determined by the information entered into the Send Intake column in the import template file. Yes indicates that the client consents to receiving emails from you, and No indicates that the client does not consent to receiving emails from you.

Note: The Send Document Request button is a one-time action that is nonreversible. You will want to make sure that your client list is accurate before using this option.

How do I send a Mass Document Request?

Once you click Send Document Request, you will see this window and will want to make sure that the Demographics Information form is selected:

Be sure to select the Demographics Information form

Tip:  You can send other intake forms at this time as well by clicking the checkbox next to each form.

Note: We recommend that you customize your intake forms and consent documents list prior to sending the Mass Document Request.

What happens if the intake was not sent to some clients?

In case you indicated that you do not wish to send the Mass Document Request, or if some clients were missing valid information, you’ll see the number of clients that did not receive a document request highlighted in a red banner notification:

The red banner notification message will tell you how many did not get the intake

How do I view failed Document Requests?

You’ll be able to see why document requests failed by clicking either View Details or View Failed Recipients in the red banner. You will then see this window and will be able to directly edit missing information from this page, by clicking Edit:

You can see who and why did not receive the intake in more detail

Note: When the Mass Document Request is successful, you’ll see a green banner and all of the requested clients’ demographic information will populate into their client Overview pages.

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