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Electronic Payment Report not received

Electronic Payment Report not received

Sometimes electronic payment reports are not delivered to your SimplePractice account, but you’ve received payment from the insurance payer for a claim. 

Two of the most common reasons for this happening are:

  • Our clearinghouse received the payment report, but wasn’t able to send it through successfully.
  • Our clearinghouse never received the report from the Payer. In this situation, our clearinghouse will need to work with the payer to locate and post the payment report.

If this is the case, these are the next steps that you’ll want to take:

  • Verify that you’re enrolled to receive electronic payment reports from this payer. For additional information on enrollments, please refer to this guide: Enrollment Status.
  • If your payment report enrollment is approved, please reach out to our support team and provide the following information so that we can have our clearinghouse investigate this further with the payer:
    • The wire/check number for a payment you received from this payer for which you didn't receive an ERA through SimplePractice.
    • The dollar amount of the payment.
    • The payment date.
    • If you received a paper EOB with this payment or are able to view it on the payer's portal, you'll want to share that with our team.
      • Please don't email the EOB. Instead, upload it to the client's Overview page and send us the URL for that page. If you need help uploading a document, follow the steps below:
        • Go to the client’s Overview page.
        • On the lower right, locate the Stored section.
        • Click Store New Document.
        • You can now browse your computer (including your Dropbox folder) for any file(s) you want to upload.
        • Select the file and then click Open or Choose.
        • Once your file is uploaded, you can then give your file a new name by clicking the edit wand next to the file name.

Note: Payment report investigations can take time. Our clearinghouse will work with the payer to retrieve the payment report and our support team will provide you with updates.


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