How to bill insurance under your supervisor's credentials

If you’re provisionally licensed under your supervisor and you want to offer appointments that can be covered by your client’s insurance, this can be done legally and is called incident-to billing.

Incident-to billing means that the appointments can be held by you without the supervisor in the room, but the supervisor will facilitate by reviewing the notes and being present on location during the appointment.

Important: You should reach out to the insurance payers you plan to bill to determine your eligibility for this type of billing and the requirements you must meet. You may also want to confirm your eligibility with each paneled payer that you plan on billing.

Please keep in mind that these requirements will vary by state and by payer and it will be your responsibility to ensure that you're submitting claims in the correct format.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’ve met all requirements to perform incident-to billing, you can update the settings in your SimplePractice account so that you can bill insurance payers under your supervisor’s credentials.

To make sure that information populates correctly to your claims and superbills, you'll want to start by going to My Account > Settings > Basic Info > Clinical Info. From this page, you can enter in your supervisor's license, NPI number, and taxonomy code.

Enter your supervisor's clinical info in the Clinical Info tab

Tip: If you have your own License number but not your own NPI, we recommend keeping your license number listed but entering your supervisor’s NPI and taxonomy code.

Once you’ve saved these settings, you should see that your supervisor’s information is listed in the rendering provider box 24j on claims.

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